frequently asked questions
I have a ticket, now what?
Reservations are required at many of the fields we work with, but we strongly recommend calling for reservations even if they are not required to let the field know that you are coming, as well as to inquire about the details of the specific field you will be playing at.
What's included in my ticket and what do I have to pay for?
Your admission and a semi automatic paintball marker are included in your ticket. Your goggles and facemask are also included which are the necessary safety equipment. A detailed safety speech and orientation is also part of the package in which all of the rules, safety, and how to play the game will be explained to you. Paintballs and air are not included in your ticket, and a minimum purchase at the field is required. Typically it's 500 paintballs per person. The cost of the paintballs varies at each field, but all of the details for the field you've chosen are printed on your ticket. Those 500 paintballs are typically enough to last a few hours, although you could shoot them all in one game if your really tried, or you could find a way to make them last all day. If you plan to stay at the paintball field all day, we would recommend being prepared to buy some more paintballs. There may be some additional things available at the field you go to like some type of clothing, additional protective gear, a harness to carry extra paintballs, or even some type of upgrade to your equipment. Feel free to add any of these extras you'd like, but none of them are necessary for you to go out and have a great time.
What kind of field will I be playing on?
We can tell you that the field you will be playing at will offer you a fun and safe experience. Every field is unique, and we recommend that you visit the website for the field you will be attending to get a better idea of the type of terrain and playing fields that they offer. All fields will have a marked off area(s) with many obstacles for you to hide behind. Referees will split everyone up into teams, and start and end each game. There are lots of different types of games you can play, but most revolve around a flag. No matter what type of game you play, if your team is able to hit and eliminate all of your opponents, your team will win.
Where can I use these tickets?
We have over a hundred fields across the United States in our network. Depending on where and how you go your ticket, it may be valid at just one field or a choice of fields in your immediate area or it could be valid at any of the fields across the country that we work with.
Is paintball safe?
Yes. Paintball is extremely safe as long as the safety rules are followed. According to insurance statistics paintball is safer than golf, bowling, and almost every other sport out there. An eye injury is the only way you can get seriously injured as a direct result of playing paintball. Eye injuries are easily prevented as long as everyone follows two basic safety rules at all times. If these two rules are followed, it is very unlikely for an injury to occur. The first rule is to have your goggles on anytime you are on or near the paintball field or target range. The second rule is to have your barrel cover on anytime you are not on the paintball field or target range. Of course it's always possible for someone to sprain an ankle or break an arm anytime you're doing any type of activity, but these are very uncommon on the paintball field.
What is paintball?
Paintball is a combination of the childhood games of capture the flag and tag with the high-tech twist of sophisticated paintball markers that propel a paint-filled gelatin ball over a hundred feet through the air to "tag" your opponent and eliminate them from the game. Paintball is safe, fun for all ages (10 years old and up are normally allowed to play), and one of the only sports out there where being smart is just as important as being athletic.
What are the rules?
There are lots of variations on the rules used in different types of game you can play. There are two rules that always apply. The first rule is to have your goggles on anytime you are on or near the paintball field or target range. The second rule is to have your barrel cover on anytime you are not on the paintball field or target range. Beyond those, typically when a paintball hits and breaks on you or your equipment, you are out of the game. Games have time limits, usually somewhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes depending on the size of the field, how many people are playing, and the type of game being played. After you arrive at the field you have chosen, their staff will give you a detailed safety speech and orientation in which they go over all of the rules with you. You will also have referees out on the field with you at all times, and they will explain the rules to each game before it is played.
Does it hurt to get hit with a paintball?
Sometimes, Paintballs can sting when they hit you but usually it is a minor sting or you do not feel it at all. Depending on where you get hit and from how far away they can sometimes leave a bruise. Many times, you get hit in your goggles, marker, or other parts of your equipment…..etc. These hits don't hurt at all (except possibly for your pride). At it's worst, I have often heard getting hit with a paintball compared to getting snapped with a towel or a rubber band. Right when it hits you it really hurts, then a few seconds later the pain is gone. The fact that it can hurt, and that everyone is a little bit afraid to get shot is part of what makes paintball so fun. If no one cared if they got shot, people would be running around all over the place, and it just wouldn't be as fun. Laser tag is the alternative for people who don't want to get shot, or prefer that type of game.
How old do you need to be to play paintball?
The minimum age at almost all the fields we work with is ten years old, but there are a few exceptions.
Do my tickets expire?
No, your tickets will never expire. You can buy more tickets and use them anytime knowing that there is no expiration date.
What should I wear?
Contacting the field you will be playing at and asking them will give you the best information for their specific climate and location. Generally we would recommend wearing pants and long sleeves. You may be crawling around on the ground, so bare skin on the arms and legs is not suggested. These should be clothes that you are comfortable running around in and getting a little bit dirty. The paint is not actually paint at all, but a non-toxic, non-staining, hypo-allergenic, bio-gradable fill that should wash out easily. That being said, we wouldn't suggest wearing your brand new white shoes that you just spent a bunch of money on. As far as things like gloves, and beanies, and extra padding goes, we suggest bringing anything you think you might want. Once you get out on the field and get shot, you will probably decide you don't need it (unless it happens to be really cold), but it's better to have it with you than leave it at home.
Is all the equipment I need provided?
Everything you need to play is included in the ticket EXCEPT the paintballs and air which must be purchased at the field.
Where can I buy my own paintball gear?
There are paintball stores all over that will gladly get you outfitted with everything you need. Click here for a link to find a store in your area.